Frequently Asked Questions


Q   -   How many copies of the music am I allowed to print after making a purchase from WardOrganist.com?



Q   -   Am I allowed to print additional copies since I am given three opportunities to download the sheet music I purchased from WardOrganist.com?



Q   -   Can I still purchase downloadable organ music from WardOrganist.com if I don't live in the United States?



Q   -   I don't have a PayPal account and don't want to sign up for one. Can I still purchase music from WardOrganist.com?



Q   -   I am not receiving any E-mail from WardOrganist.com. Is there a problem?



Q   -   I downloaded some sheet music, but I can't find where the file was downloaded. Can you help me?



Q   -   Do I need to use a special program to open, view, and print the sheet music I download?



Q   -   How long does it take before I'm able to download the sheet music after it has been purchased?



Q - How much time do I have to download the music after it has been purchased?



Q   -   I purchased music from WardOrganist.com for the first time using PayPal and had not finished downloading my order when I was logged out. How can I download the remaining music?



Q   -   Why does the downloaded music have a copyright notice?




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